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January 26, 2011 / teknolog

When T-Mobile got it right

T-MobileI recently had a very pleasant experience with a mobile phone operator. Yes, you heard that right. Generally, I tend to be the grumpy old man who believes (rightly), that operators can’t get anything right and are mostly out to screw me.

But this time it was different. People who follow my Twitter feed have surely heard about my switching from Vodafone to T-Mobile. I did this somewhat reluctantly, as T-Mobile recently decided to drop their data caps to a paltry 500 MB per month. On the other hand, they have a pretty good deal for prepay customers.

I spent last weekend in Poland. When I arrived there and turned on my Nexus One, I received a text message from T-Mobile saying that in order to use data, I must buy a package.

Epic win #1 – don’t let the customer shoot themselves in the foot!

Even better, the prices were not too outrageous. 3MB/24 hours for £1, 20MB/7 days for £5 or 50MB/30 days for £10. Obviously, you won’t be browsing Youtube with caps like that, but for keeping the phone synced and running Google maps, it is sufficient. Now I am a pretty cheap guy, who would normally just disable data roaming and suffer the pain of being offline, but I really needed the maps and I thought that a few quid was a fair price to pay. So I went with the £5 package.

Epic win #2 – predictable cost make the customer at ease.

See what just happened there? I willingly gave T-Mobile £5 they would not otherwise have gotten. And this, simply because they gave me clear options with predictable pricing.

So, T-Mobile, here is an important tip: Don’t cap your customers data, just make the cost structure clear and predictable.


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