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April 1, 2011 / teknolog

You win some, you lose some

T-MobileI previously wrote about and lauded T-Mobile and their sensible and consumer appealing pricing structure for data in Poland.

Turns out I should not have been so optimistic about the T-Mobile brand. I recently spent two weeks in America, skiing and noodling about in NYC. Upon entering the land of the free, having my fingerprints taken and enjoying the extended pat-down, I was greeted by T-Mobile informing me that phone calls are £1.20 per minute, SMS £0.40, and most shockingly, data came at the very unreasonable rate of £7.50 per megabyte.

£7.50 per megabyte! That means I can’t even keep my emails and tweets going, never mind browsing the web!

Way to price yourself outside the market, T-Morons!


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